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Happy 21st birthday Cher! We love you xx

Happy 21st birthday Cher! We love you xx

#5 already, keep going Brats!

#5 already, keep going Brats!

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Cher Lloyd for Fabulous Magazine

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(Friendly) Blogger Battles- playacher vs lloydwall

challenge 2: favourite hairstyle(s)
→ various styles from 2010-present 

Cher for Wonderland Magazine 2011 and 2014

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About Me

This blog is run by cositsusagainsttheworld & champagne-and-disc0.
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This website opened on 9th Oct 2010.

I met Cher on these dates:
1st Aug 2011 -
Swagger Jagger signing in Westfield

29th Sept 2011 -
With Ur Love radio tour at BRMB

8th November 2011-
her album signing

13th February 2012 -
Want U Back radio tour at
Capital FM and BRMB.

Days I've seen Cher live
19th February 2011 -
X Factor tour Block A - Row YD.

20th February 2011 -
X Factor tour Block A - Row D

7th April 2010 -
Sticks + Stones tour - Front row.